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  • Retail Maharaj is one stop solution for the individuals who are at their busy schedule but at the same time need their desired Books delivered at their doorstep at a very affordable cost with standard packages. I'm very much satisfied availing their services & reliability. Their Prompt service is really noteworthy to mention.

    by Bhaskar Kundu

  • The retailer is prompt enough to address concern. The behaviour is gentle. They uphold a very friendly and professional attitude. I liked my experience with them

    by Shaon Sen (Author)

    I am a student and I had less money. I requested the ower for a book.The ower was kind enough to give me the book without looking at his profit. Very kind seller ☺️

    by Palash Mahto

  • Retail maharaj thanks alot to help me like a mentor. Your customer service helpline is really outstanding .. I have no word for your this work.
    Amazing work.

    by Sohan Islam

    They are the best in customer service. I prefer retail maharaj for purchasing all my books online.

    by Sanjivani Saywan

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